Salary Negotiation – 7 Tips on How to Express Yourself and Present Your Case

1. Know your content.

Simply put, be well-prepared! It is the mastery of your subject matter which gets you through any speaking engagement with flying colours.

When you meet to negotiate a salary increase, it is public speaking in smaller quarters like an office or a conference room, but it is no less important. In fact, it is very crucial to you because the improvement of your finances and standard of living rest on it.

2. Start on the high side.

You can never go wrong with a strong beginning. Your choice of words and the fluency with which you express your initial thoughts set the tone for the meeting.

Make a good first impression! The best way to start on the positive side would be to thank all of those present for the privilege of their time.

3. Speak with passion.

When you speak with passion, it should spring not from overconfidence and aggressiveness but rather from your own personal pride and honour to be part of this meeting. Passion is as simple as saying what you believe and believing in what you say.

But no matter how passionate the discussion gets, keep your voice warm and modulated and your temper low and even.

4. Be specific.

Go straight to the point. Don’t waste anyone’s time by talking in a useless, roundabout manner. It only implies that you don’t know what you’re going to say next.

Since you know your content, talk on its specific points and highlights. If you don’t trust your memory, be prepared with a small notepad or cue card to guide you.

5. Listen carefully.

Once you’ve been heard, it’s your turn to stop talking and start listening. Listen carefully to what your boss and officers have to say.

Give them your full attention! Be quick to pick up and take your cue from open-ended questions which require a spontaneous answer. Give critical questions some thought before you verbalize a good reply.

6. Keep an open mind.

Always let intellect and reason prevail over your emotions. If you lay all your needs and wants in one sitting, you leave yourself vulnerable.

Besides, the more open your mind is, the stronger your heart will be.

7. Prepare for objections.

Have the heart to face objections, and do not immediately worry or panic. There is no point in getting all defensive. It is but natural for your superiors to examine and question your request, because this is how they gauge how driven yet composed you are.

Your best defence to any resistance on your request for a salary increase would be to finish off on the right note. Be courteous and appreciative of the time and opportunity given.

When you present your case for a salary increase, you must put your best foot forward! To maintain the meeting all throughout, start with a strong beginning, fill the discussion with good content, and end with a clean finish.

Purchasing Presents Online

When it’s a loved one’s birthday everyone racks their brains in hope of a great gift idea. It can be difficult to purchase a great gift for people as many people buy anything they desire so there is nothing to purchase them that they have desired for some time. The following article has been written to help identify which present is most suitable to your loved one.

If there is a limited options to what to purchase for your loved one why not try a collectible item. Not only does this mean they can continue to collect them if they so wish but it is also possible worth money in the future. With collectible items you can sell them many years later for a lot of money. This is nice for younger family members and you are giving them money to use in the future. Personalised items are also a great options for people who purchase everything they want. Not only does it show thought but everyone likes a personalised gifts. These companies can easily be found online by using a search engine. They will often incorporate the cost of personalising the item within the price.

If neither of these ideas is suitable people often like children’s presents. However silly it sounds people often love have children’s gadgets or games to play with and it’s a great novelty gift. Adoption packs are also a great idea. People like to feel as though they are helping the environments, wildlife or third wild countries. This is great for people who have everything already. Don’t forget that anything you purchase should be purchased from a reportable site and you should keep the receipt or payment confirmation so that you are able to send the item back if it is not suitable.

Network Marketing Prospecting – Great Presentation But They Still Say No?

Are you putting everything you’ve got in to your network marketing enterprise and doing exactly what you’re upline is telling you? After all that, are you getting any significant results? Is frustration finally kicking in?

No matter how great your product is, how great your company is, or how great your compensation plan is, if you cannot identify the personality type of your prospect you will not be able to make a sale. Unfortunately your whole presentation has gone down the drain.

If you want to make it big in this industry you must be able to speak the language that your prospect will understand. The best way to do this is to master the concept of the personality colors. Using colors is the best way to remember how to identify the language your prospect speaks.

Let’s categorize the four main colors: green, blue, red and yellow. Sometimes your prospect will be a mix of these colors but let’s get to the point.

Green: These are the logic-based people. This includes accountants, scientists and programmers. These people seek out every technical detail about your opportunity.

Blue: These are the social people. They love to talk and they love to take action. The very idea of an adventure is what drives them to action.

Red: These are my money motivated people. These are the natural born leaders and thrive on the idea of financial independence.

Yellow: These are the relational people. Common professions are nurses and charity workers. Helping other people is more satisfactory to them than making the money.

Now that you understand the four main color personalities, you will be able to convert more potential no’s into potential yes’s. People that love to help other people don’t want to hear you talk about money for half an hour. Technical people don’t want to hear about helping people for 30 minutes. You get the idea.

How do you actually figure out what personality type your prospect is? The first thing is to observe their habits and possessions. The next step is to actually talk to them and find out what their profession is and ask a lot of questions to get a better feel of how your presentation should be tailored.

Now, if you’re doing internet marketing, it may be a little tougher to understand what personality type you’re dealing with. You don’t have the luxury of seeing the person’s habits and mannerisms. This is where you have to be especially sensitive to the answers to your questions.

There’s no reason to be discouraged anymore now that are aware of this fascinating concept. It will definitely take time to perfect it and you will certainly make mistakes, but these minor failures will set you on your way to a monumental income in the future.

The Effects of Pollution May Be Present in Clinical Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

The notion that an individual can develop maladies as the result of a number of chemicals present in the environment even at very low levels of concentration has been a societal concern since the dawning of an awareness of pollution as a detriment to the environment. Our collective consciousness began to identify the effects of the industrial waste created as a byproduct of manufacturing and urban living long ago. In recent times, the emergence of a collection of symptoms attributed to environmental exposure called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity has divided medical science.

The burning of coal has resulted in the development of smog and fouled the air since as early as 1,000 years ago. King Henry I of Britain famously threatened London residents with severe punishment for burning sea coal but his and ensuing leadership efforts to curb the burning of coal had little to no effect. This would be a trend of populations in denial of the effects of industrial progress until reality struck in the form of severe consequences that are controversial to this day.

America had problems as well due to coal burning, but with a larger area and a briefer history it would take a while for a national crisis to develop. Nevertheless, in 1948 in Donora, Pennsylvania, deadly smog resulted in the asphyxiation of 20 people and illness of 7,000 more. Across the ocean in London, however, the infamous smog of 1952 killed as many as 4000 people in a matter of days, resulting predictably in political action taken to curb the emission of smoke from the burning of coal.

For America, one of its most famous innovations would become the central actor in propelling pollution to the forefront of societies problems; the automobile. It would take until the decade of the 60s before our collective attention was focused on the results of environmental pollution. A book documenting among other things the effect of an environmental pesticide ingredient known as dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, called DDT for short awakened a population to the danger of pollutants.

The use of pesticides laden with DDT could be shown to work its way through the ecosystem to the national symbol of America, the bald eagle. The national bird had endured decades of harassment by Americans and their wild population was rapidly diminishing in the 1930s resulting eventually in the passage of the Bald Eagle Protection Act which prohibited the killing, possession or commerce of the bird.

The impact of DDT on this bird of prey was twofold. It weakened the shell of its eggs to the point that the majority of them were crushed by the parents in their attempt to incubate them. At the same time, the level of DDT in the fatty tissue of dead Eagles revealed they had become sterile. This combination of effects logically led to the severe decrease in reproductive success of the animal and resulted in its drastic decline in wild population. The Bald Eagle was officially declared an endangered species in 1967, before the landmark endangered species act was enacted in 1973.

That the symbol of our nation could undergo such depredation both directly by those who considered them a threat to fisheries and as a secondary consequence of environmental pollution highlighted the problem of environmental neglect in America and across the globe. Some success has been recorded, with the Bald Eagle being one of them, their population having recovered to the point that they were officially removed from the endangered species list on June 28, 2007. Unfortunately, the eagle is one of few creatures that have fought their way back and off the list.

The impact of pollution to our environment leads one to question its impact on people. While the dramatic cases of London in 1952 and the Japan experience with cadmium poisoning, locally known as Itai Itai disease due to the extreme bone and joint pain associated with its presentation, the impact of pollution on humans is a concern not fully understood. One syndrome known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity may be the leading edge of an awareness of pollutions insidious health effects on man.