Compiling Pictures Into a PowerPoint Presentation in Under Five Minutes

Showing slides before, after and during the breaks of a business conference or business meeting, can be a great addition to any itinerary. Don’t think that you haven’t got time to put your photos into a presentation. If you are using MS PowerPoint, you can do this in a matter of minutes. Even someone new to the process can create a Photo Album in under five minutes.

TIP: If you put all of your photographs into one folder, it is much easier to find them and insert them into the Photo Album. You can put them into a logical order in the folder, or do it while creating your Photo Album.

Basic Creation

1. Open PowerPoint

It doesn’t matter if you open a blank presentation or something that you have previously created. PowerPoint will create a new presentation to contain your Photo Album.

2. On the Insert ribbon, in the Images group, click on the Photo Album button, New Photo Album

If you click on the bottom half of this button you will see options to create a new album or edit the existing one. If you click on the top half of the button, you will go straight to creating a new album.

3. The Photo Album dialog box will open

4. To insert your photos, click on the File/Disk… button underneath the label Insert picture from

5. Navigate to the folder with your photos

6. Select the photos you want to insert

TIP: If you have created a dedicated folder for the pictures you want to include, click on one thumbnail, or file name and then press Ctrl + A on your keyboard to select them all.

TIP: If you only want to choose some of the pictures, click on the first one you want to select then hold your Ctrl key down while you click on each of your other choices. This will allow you to select photos regardless of where they are in the file.

CAUTION: If you hold the Ctrl key down, click on a thumbnail or file name and move your mouse cursor even a tiny bit, you may find that you have created copies of all the photos you had selected. Be careful not to let your mouse drag when you are selecting with the Ctrl key pressed.

7. Click the Insert button on the bottom right of the box

TIP: If you don’t like the order the photos are in, you can rearrange them at this point by selecting the picture you want to move and then using the arrows that are underneath the list.

8. Click Create on the bottom right of the Photo Album dialog box

PowerPoint will need a few seconds to compile your photos, but soon you will see a presentation with each picture on a slide.

Finishing Touches

1. Change the title slide if you want it to show something other than Photo Album and the name associated with the computer

PowerPoint slides are very easy to edit. Simply click on the text that you want to change and you are ready to edit it.

TIP: If you want the slides to automatically begin again when they reach the end, it may be better not to have a title slide. In this case click on the thumbnail of the title slide (to the left of your slide), right-click and then choose Delete Slide from the menu that appears.

2. Add some background colour to the slides

If your photographs are a different size to your slides, the background you see will be white. This can be hard on the eyes. Changing the colour to something darker is often easier to look at and will help your pictures to show up more.

a. On the Design ribbon, in the Background group, click on Background Styles

b. Choose one of the existing backgrounds or click on Format Background to create one of your own

The same background will be added to each of your slides.

3. Add timings to your slides to enable them to advance automatically

a. On the Transitions ribbon, in the Timing group take the check mark off On Mouse Click and put one on After

b. Adjust the timer to whatever length will suit your needs

TIP: It can be challenging to find a timing that won’t feel like you are whizzing through the slides, or boring everyone to death by leaving them up too long. I find that ten seconds per slide is a good compromise.

c. On the Transitions ribbon, in the Timing group, click Apply To All

4. Set your presentation to start again from the beginning when it reaches the end

a. On the Slide Show ribbon, in the Set Up group, click on Set Up Slide Show

b. In the Show Options group, make sure there is a check mark on Loop Continuously Until ‘ESC’

When you are ready to stop your presentation, press the ESC key on your keyboard.

5. Save your presentation

6. Press F5 to start showing the slides

The toughest part of this process is choosing the photos you want to use. Once that is done, you can create a Photo Album in a matter of minutes. A picture really does paint a thousand words, so put that power to work whenever you want to show your team what they have accomplished, or show clients what you are all about.